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Fortification of The Muslim (3 CDs+Book)

Regarding the excellence of remembering Allah, He - The Most High - said what means "Therefore remember Me, I will remember you and be grateful to Me and do not reject faith."The Prophet Muhammad...

MC05) $15.95Regular price $25.95 Price
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O Allah, Forgive Me! (CD)

Do not despair that Allah will not forgive you for your sins, nor should you take Allah's forgiveness for granted. One must strive to strike a balance between the two by asking for tauba from Allah...

MC20) $4.95Regular price $5.95 Price
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How to Pray Like the Prophet (DVD)

Teaching of how to do Wudu and pray Salaah from beginning to the end. Video demonstration by Sheikh Muhammad S. Adly.DVD contains same content as the VHS tape Let us pray like the Prophet.

MD058) $6.95Regular price $9.95 Price
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Etiquettes & Conditions of Du'a (2 CDs)

We all need Allah (A). We yearn to draw closer to Him. Yet, many of us simply don't know how to supplicate properly, subhaana Allah! Du'a is a form of worship. Therefore, if we want our du'as to be...

MH67) $10.95 Price
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