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    Khushoo: Humility & Devotion in Prayer

    Code   RP19
    ISBN     9789960672199 (9960672190)
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    Khushoo: Humility & Devotion in Prayer


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    AuthorMuhammad Al-Munajjid
    Size in Inches5.5x7.5
    Size in CM17x28.5
    Edition3rd 2006
    Weight (lbs)0.22

    "Allah is watching you in prayer!"

    How many times have we heard that phrase and overlooked it? Too many to count, correct? If we don't fear Allah in prayer, then how can we expect to fear him anywhere else? If we have the chance to be so close to our Lord and Creator, so close to him that we can pray to and ask from him anything we want, why should we be careless while doing so??? 

    In this book, you will find 33 ways to concentrate on your prayer and to improve your khushoo and humiliation while praying to Allah.

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    Great information
    rating 10
    When you want to take your prayers to the next level. This is a great primer resource.
    A great book
    rating 10
    Recommended for those who want to attain khusho. Practical and enlightening. Must have in every home.


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