Wholesale Rates & Policy of
Dar-us-Salam Publications

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Discount Rates for Resellers

 Purchase Amount before Discount
Discount Rate *
Coupon Code
A$200 to $800
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B$800 to $2,000
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COver $2,000
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DDrop Shipment** - Any Amount
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Online Wholesale Order Notes

1. You can place your order online as normal and enter the corresponding coupon code to your purchase amount to redeem the discount.

2. You must mention in the special instructions that this is for resale and provide proof of your business.

3. After shipping the order we will finalize the invoice and send you a copy.

4. Payment by eCheck is required for wholesale orders otherwise there will be a 3% extra fee for Credit Card payment. Please place order online and select 'Check' payment option. We will send you the link for payment once invoice is ready.

*Limited Discount Items (0-20%)

1. Selected books of other publishers (item code #s starting with R, CR, CL, UR, QR and some with 'Q')

2. Multimedia and miscellaneous items (codes starting with M, G, or E)

3. Items not discountable: Q40, Q41, QP15

The exact discount depends on the overall discount category your order falls under and the price margin for particular item/s.

Payment Information

1. All orders must be prepaid.

2. You can pay by credit card, however, billing & shipping addresses must be same.

3. Payment by money order, cashier's check, or a company check is preferred. You can place the order online and select the 'Check' payment option. We will prepare your invoice and email it to you. Once payment is received, we will then ship your order.

4. You can also pay shipping charges direct to your UPS Account by providing us with your account #. Only handling charges will be charged @ $5.00 per box.

** Drop Shipments

1. Drop shipment means issuance of a purchase order to us by a reseller whereby the order is shipped directly to the customer and billed to the reseller (reseller does not need to keep our books in stock).

2. You can add our products to your website via our product export CSV text file. Once approved, you can request this file and we will email it to you. This file is updated around once a month as new products are added (or removed). This file contains the location of all the images which you can load directly and don't have to place on your server.

3. Once you receive an order from your customer, you can submit it through our website with your billing and customer's shipping address. Enter the coupon code that we provide you to get the discount and mention it is a drop shipment in the speical instructions.

4. We ship via UPS and US Postal Service (USPS) and the shipping rates are calculated based on order weight and destination zip code. The CSV file contains the weights for each product. We add around $2-3 handling to the actual rates.

5. Once your store picks up, you can request us to create a custom Packing List template for your store.

6. To apply and receive your coupon code, please email us your business name, physical address, website address and the nature of your business.