Greatly satisfied with my experience
I was greatly satisfied with my experience with dar-us-salam my book purchase was delivered quick and packed safely I will be dealing with you more on shipping purchases insha-allah. I've been a...
Leon O. 24/02/2017
The store has some good quality products.
Christina H. 23/02/2017
Assalamu Alaykum: Each item that was received was well worth the cost. As I am a rebirthed Muslim, I am seeking to gain knowledge and to grow my Deen. Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!
Ernestine T. 22/02/2017
A lot to choose from
I will be definitely purchasing more books. Insha'Allah!
Shoulyn M. 20/02/2017
Dar-us-Salam Publications
This time I was on line and it was very quick and easy. Whenever I visit Houston I shop there and it is a clean organize and safe shop to take your time and wonder around,
Halima S. 20/02/2017
Great job! Great Store to shop in!
I had a good experience shopping online in your store ( Dar-us-Salam), I received the books I ordered on time and in the scheduled date. The books were wrapped in a safe package with a lot of...
M B. 18/02/2017
Very easy to order. Shipping was good, it's just the pricing specially when ordering bigger quantity.
EDDIE M. 17/02/2017
Dar us salam
Great Service.
Asad A. 17/02/2017
Dar-us-Salam Publications - Average rating: 9.9/10 - Number of reviews: 111


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