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    Make Wudu & Salaah like the Prophet (S)

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    ISBN     9780983107712 (983107718)
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    Make Wudu & Salaah like the Prophet (S)


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    AuthorMuhammad S. Adly
    Size in Inches5.5x8.5
    Size in CM14x21.5
    Edition6th May, 2011
    Weight (lbs)0.18

    With its pictures and English phonetics, making salah is a easy as it gets! This prayer manual is a must have for any Islaamic Book Collection!

    This booklet explains how the Prophet (S) used to perform his wudu and salat (prayers), which are required of all Muslims five times daily.

    We would like to provide this demonstration to every male and female so they may strive to utilize the Prophet's manner as a model for performing their salaah.

    Imam Al-Bukhari narrated that the messenger of Allah (A) said: "Perform your salah in the same manner as you have seen me doing."

    Therefore in a humble effort, we explain the messenger of Allah (S) manner of wudu and salah.

    rating 5
    Short but relevant
    Make Wudu and Salaah like the Prophet
    rating 5
    I was not able to review since I sent as a gift to a new Muslim. However, the feedback was extremely positive and the brother said the book was helpful and he is learning. Kudos on you excellent on-line customer service!!!
    Make Audi and Salat
    rating 5
    Good easy read.
    Customer Review
    rating 5
    Alhamdulillah, a great book for new Muslims and also for Muslims. Many things to learn. Many corrections done. The only thing which is lacking in this book as per my understanding is that it does not list what are Fard, Sunnah and nawafil of a particular salah. I think probably the reason is to keep it as simple as possible. I would highly recommend this book to all.


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