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How To Pray According To The Sunnah

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Before you Pray
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AuthorAbdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz
Size in Inches5.5x8
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EditionRevised September 2013
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Subtitleكيفية صلاة النبي صلى الله عليه و سلم

This concise booklet explains in a very simple form how the Prophet Muhammad, used to perform his Salat (prayer). The prophet is a model for every male and female Muslim to adopt his manners in all acts of worship as well as other aspects of life.

All the essential details of the Salat (prayer) have been clearly and distinctly described in a simple manner without making the publication too bulky or complicated. Transliteration and translation of Arabic phrases and formulas are given for ease of reciting and understanding.

It is a very useful booklet for all new Muslims and such Muslims who do not fully understand the Arabic language.

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How the Prophet prayed
Candace C. on 05/02/2018Nice, small and compact but easy to understand
Concise book
Muhammad B. on 03/11/2017Somewhat brief. Would help if certain points where expanded on.
How the Prophet Prayed (Pocket size)
Anthony-Harold D. on 11/10/2016Excellent!!!!! Easy read for learning the prayer for new Muslims.
Riad E. on 09/10/2016.
Customer Review
Customer R. on 03/03/2008 Detailed description of the salat
Customer Review
Customer R. on 03/29/2013 Salamalaikum! Alhamdulillah! Simple language, concise and relevant text. I learnt new duaas from this book [includes duaa/dhikr in Arabic, transliteration in English plus the translation]. The translation of zikr and duaas recited during salah is very helpful for the non-Arabs looking to revive their khushu in prayer, inshaAllah!

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  • Description: This book by Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz describes the content and the steps to perform prayer in Islam.
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