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Ammaar in Makkah

Code   C27
ISBN     9789960861500 (9960861503)
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Ammaar in Makkah


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Author Dar-us-Salam Research Division
Binding Paperback
Pages 28
Size in Inches 4.7x6.7
Size in CM 11.7x17
Weight (lbs) 0.08

In this book a story is told of a boy who went on a journey with his family to perform Umrah.

By reading this story, children will readily understand the way to perform Umrah. All the things have been described in an interesting manner, right from the start of the journey.

What to say while leaving one's house, while getting into the car, while travelling, while stopping to take a rest - all supplications have been denoted. Going to Miqaat, entering the state of Ihraam, reaching Makkah, performing Tawaaf, praying at Maqaam Ibraahim, drinking Zamzam water, performing Say and having the head shaved - all the acts that complete the 'Umrah are described.

May Allah help us to perform all the acts of worship in a right manner.

Abdul Malik Mujahid
General Manager, Darussalam

Misleading title
rating 3
Thought this was about Ammar the companion of the prophet SAW, it's not!! It's about a boy going to Hajj
Al-Jumuah Magazine Review
rating 10
Live Umrah through the eyes of a child. Such is basis of Ammaar in Makkah, a children's book that underlies its story of a child performing Umrah with simple instructional lessons. `Ammaar in Makkah is written in a way to attract the attention of small children and pique their interest in Umrah. It also is designed to facilitate the process through which parents instruct their children in the rites of Umrah. - Al-Jumuah Vol 20, Issue 12
Customer Review
rating 10
This is a wonderful book for young children teaching them important duas and family values. I would definitely recommend this to any parent to read to their children! The wonderful part about the duas or hadith mentioned in the book is that it has the original Arabic written as well as the transliteration and translation for non-Arabic speakers.


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