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    The Story of Mango
    • The Story of Mango
    • The Story of Mango

    The Story of Mango

    Code   C04
    ISBN     9786035004428 (603-500-442-3)
    The Story of Mango

    The Story of Mango


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    AuthorDr. Tariq Riaz
    Size in Inches9.5x6.5x0.10
    Size in CM24x16.5x0.30
    Edition1st (2020)
    FormatFull Color
    Weight (lbs)0.15

    In this book, Dr. Tariq Riaz tells us the story of Mango. He shares interesting information about mangoes while narrating a drawing competition among students at a school. Mangoes are a great blessing of Allah Al-Mighty. There are 400 varieties of mango found worldwide. In the Asian subcontinent, Mangoes have been grown for four thousand years. There are many types of sweet and colorful mangoes produced in Pakistan. Pakistan is ranked fourth in the world in terms of the production of mangoes. The mango trees can last up to a hundred years. All types of vitamins are found in mangoes. This makes more blood in our bodies, strengthens our bones, makes our skin tone red and white and improves our health.

    Dr. Tariq Riaz has also taught us some valuable lessons in this story. He told us about the dua for traveling and manners to eat.

    You give toys for your children when they request for them which is good but you should also give them knowledgeable books.

    Abdul Malik Mujahid
    Darussalam, Riyadh
    January 2020


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