Regulations of Worship During Menses


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ISBN-10 189122994X
ISBN-13 9781891229947
Author Muhammad al-Jibaly
Binding Paperback
Pages 66
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This book is part four of the "Enter into Islam... Completely" series and deals with the authentic Sunnah performing acts of worship during menses.

This series deals with various issues that are of importance for Muslims, but are underplayed or even slighted by many. When one of these issues is brought up, you often hear the objection, "This is merely an issue of peel! Let us only deal with the important issues of the core!"

Classifying the teachings of Islaam into "core" and "peel" is a bid'ah that affects the hearts of the common people in a most detrimental way, and leads them to belittling many of the acts of worship and traits of the Islaamic character, thereby approving wrong acts and rejecting good ones based on a crooked scale that they have developed.

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Regulations of Worship During Menses
sory c. on 07/13/2017 I'm happy
Customer Review
Customer R. on 12/22/2011 I had this book when I got this as a gift from my husband. maa shaa Allah very nice book

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