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Islamic Fatawa Regarding Women

Code   030
ISBN     9789960740874 (9960740870)
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Islamic Fatawa Regarding Women

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Author Muhammad bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Musnad
Translator Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo
Binding Hardback
Pages 391
Size in Inches 6x9
Size in CM 15x22
Weight (lbs) 1.28

Women face a lot of special problems regarding their menses, postpartum bleeding, istihada, hijab, mixing with men, rights & duties with respect to their husband, husband's household, children, inheritance, marriage, divorce, etc.

More than 350 of such problems & issues have been answered in this book by Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ibn Baz, and the eminent scholars like Sheikh Ibn Uthaimin, Sheikh Ibn Jibreen and others.

rating 10
Nice book ???????? good read
Everything a women needs to know
rating 10
If you're a women this is a must have book, It explains everything a women needs to know in Islam, don t hesitat and buy this book I love it.


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