A Message Exclusively to the Husbands


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Publisher: Hikmah Publications

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AuthorAbu Furayhan Jamal Ibn Furayhan al-Harithi
TranslatorAnwar Wright & Isa Underdue
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Edition1st (September 2016)
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Subtitleرسالة حصرية للأزواج

The husband seeks from his wife that she should be an ideal wife: affectionate; kind; receptive; attractive; enticing; charming and other than that. However; on the other hand, some husbands dishonor their wives and neglect the obligatory rights that have been placed upon them.

Yes,  there are rights belonging to the husband that is binding upon the wife to uphold; but where are the wife's rights that are binding upon the husband?

So the wife asks, the writers write, and the publishers produce a large variety of books in clarification of the husband's rights upon the wife, yet we only see a few writings, compared to the vast number of works, addressing the wife’s rights from her husband.

In this beneficial treatise the Shaykh advises the following types of husbands:

  • The one who abandons the prayer
  • The one who abandons the home
  • The frequent traveler
  • The merchant
  • The confused
  • The caller to Allah
  • The Finagler
  • The one who belittles his wife
  • The one who prevents his wife from seeking knowledge
  • The one who is rough during relations
  • The one who shows up unexpectedly
  • The one who feels he is too good for his wife
  • The man who has a weak personality
  • The man who abandons his responsibilities
  • The one who threatens his wife with divorce
  • The one who (intentionally) makes things difficult
  • The one who allows others to steer his personal affairs
  • The man who gives his wife free reign

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