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AuthorImam Malik
TranslatorProfessor M. Rahimuddin
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English Translation with Exhaustive Notes By: Professor M. Rahimuddin.

This is the complete translation of Al-Muwattaa of Imam Malik ibn Anas, the great jurist of Madina and founder of the Maliki school of Islamic Law (May Allah have mercy on him). This book has been printed in Pakistan and the text is not as crisp as normal books but it is easily readable.

Al-Muwata is a complete record of the legal and social parameters of the original Muslim community in Al-Madina. Imam Malik composed the 'Muwatta' over a period of forty years to represent the "well-trodden path" of the people of Madinah. Its name also means that it is the book that is "many times agreed upon"- about whose contents the people of Madinah were unanimously agreed. Its high standing is such that people of every school of fiqh and all of the imams of hadith scholarship agree upon its authenticity. Imam Shafi'i famously said, "There is not on the face of the earth a book - after the Book of Allah - which is more authentic than the book of Malik."

Published by: Sh. Muhammad Ashraf

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Muwatta Imam Malik
Justin B. on 08/09/2019Muwatta compiled by Imam Malik in English translation. Beautiful cover and high quality book. English translation is very good, and I’m so happy!!!!
Pleased customer
DeWayne W. on 02/08/2017Jazakallah khayran
 on 09/15/2019Every Muslim SHOULD own this. I don't know why it is not included in in the 6 books of sunan. Imam MALIK was born less than 100 years after the death of the prophet SAW and he learned from the pious predecessors. I am ever grateful for this book and enlightened BUT am careful to base my JUDGEMENT solely on the information contained therein. The ENGLISH TRANSLATION is EASY to understand and although the paper is thin, the QUALITY of the book is ACTUALLY fantastic.!!! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. MY favorite book in my library so far after the BEATIFUL TAJWEED QURAN.

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