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Publisher: Dar-us-Salam

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Do Not Be Envious!
Do Not Be Envious!
O Young Man!
O Young Man!
AuthorDarussalam Research Section
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Edition2nd (September 2012)
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Subtitleالبَيْتُ المُسْلِمُ

A home is an important means towards building the Muslim community. The society is made up of homes and it is the origin. The home is life and the life is society. If the home is strong and morally sound, it will reflect in the larger society. Whatever the home is made up of that is the reflection that will be seen in the society. When the society is morally bankrupt it should be traced to the home. To rescue our society from destruction the home needs to be rebuilt on sound footings. The Messenger of Allaah (S) said: "Happiness has four elements; a good wife, a spacious house, a good neighbor and a good riding beast." (Ibn Hibbaan) From this hadeeth, it can be seen that three out of the four elements of happiness concern the home. This book highlights the means and processes of building a Muslim home which guarantees sakeenah (tranquility). [an-Nahl (16):80]

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