Be Steadfast!


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Publisher: Dar-us-Salam

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O Young Man!
O Young Man!
4-Person Prayer Rug
4-Person Prayer Rug
AuthorDarussalam Research Section
Size in Inches5.25x8x0.x20
Size in CM13.5x20.5x0.50
Edition2nd (September 2012)
Format2-Color Text
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Subtitleاِسْتَقِمْ !

Every day we faced with threats that shake us just a bit or rock us from the foundation of our being at other times. Such sections make us wonder whether we can remain steadfast and much on! Narrated Sufyaan Ibn Abdullah (R): "I said to the Messenger of Allah (S): 'Messenger of Allah, tell me something to which I should hold fast. He said: `Affirm, `My Lord is Allah' and then be steadfast.' Then I said: `Messenger of Allah, what is that you are most afraid of in my case?' He took hold of his tongue and said: `Of this.'" (Tirmidhee) This book, insha Allah, gives a concise insight into what it means to be steadfast, the kind of sections that necessitate being steadfast and the various ways and means of keeping steadfast in our faith.

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