Guarding the Tongue


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Publisher: Dar-us-Salam

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Do Not Become Angry!
Do Not Become Angry!
Be Patient and Paradise will be Yours
Be Patient and...
AuthorDarussalam Research Section
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Edition1st (September 2007)
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Subtitleأحفظ لسانك

How many people have earned the wrath of Allaah as a result of misuse of their tongues? How many injuries that may never heal have been inflicted through the careless slips of the tongue? The Messenger of Allaah (S) said: "Indeed, the servant will speak words that are pleasing to Allaah, due to which he will be given a condition in which Allaah will raise him many levels. And indeed, the servant will speak words that are displeasing to Allaah, due to which he will not be given a good condition, but (instead) be thrown into the Hellfire." (Bukhaaree) This book highlights those sins that seem so light on the tongue yet so grave on the scale and offers practical advice on how to keep the tongue in check.

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