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Section contains electronic/digital pen readers which recite the text upon pointing to the line on the physical book/Quran.

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    Digital Talking Pen with 18 booklets, 10 posters and Juz Amma to teach basic pillars of Islam, Arabic and Math! Great for children to learn the Arabic language and can also be used to learn English and French as it has the text and translation for all

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    Digital Quran Pen with high quality speaker with full Quran recitations by 9 audio recitations, 4 audio translations, Noorani Qaidah learning and 3 other booklets. Everything comes in a beautiful metal carrying case as shown (with hardboard backing).

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    This Digital Quran Pen Reader is available with either large or medium size color-coded Mushaf Tajweed comes with many unique new features. The pen is loaded with 20 full Quran recitations and 8 audio translations which you can all listen to with the built-in high quality speaker. 

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    This is the new edition of the Ahsan-ul-Kalam Digital Pen with full-color 15-line tajweed Indo-Pak/Persian script Quran. It features 10 full Qur'an recitations, translations in 9 languages, Noorani Qaidah learning and much more.

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    This Digital Quran Pen Reader full-color extra large size Mushaf Tajweed contains a host of unique new features. The pen is pre-loaded with 9 full Quran recitations and 3 audio translations which you can listen to with the built-in high quality speaker.

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