Miracles of the Prophets for Kids


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Publisher: Darul Mughni

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AuthorHafiz S A Ibrahim Al Bukhari
Size in Inches7x10x0.50
Size in Centimeters17.5x25x1.15
Edition1st (2014) / Reprint (2017)
FormatFull Color
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Subtitleمعجزات الرسل - للأطفال

The miracles are extraordinary events that happened only to the prophets by the will of God to support them whenever the truth has been rejected by the disbelievers. For example, when the people of Prophet Salih Alayhi-alsalam asked him for a miracle, Allah supported Prophet Salih by bringing forth a she-camel from a solid rock. Upon seeing that, some people embraced Islam and others did not. This book has stories of some miraculous events that happened in the life of prophets. Dear children: read this book and learn lessons from these events to strengthen your Iman.

Suitable to be read on their own from 5 years and older.
Suitable to be read by an adult from 3 years and above.

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