Urdu: Mishkat ul Masabeeh (3 Vol. Set)


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Publisher: Dar-us-Salam Other Languages

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AuthorImam Wali Aldeen Muhammad ibn Abdullah Alkhateeb Altabreezi
TranslatorAbu Anas Muhammad Sasorkuhri
Size in Inches7.5x9.75x4.75
Size in Centimeters19x24.5x12
Edition1st (2016)
Actual Weight8.80
Subtitleمشكاة المصابيح - 3 أجزاء / تأليف إمام ولي الدين محمد ابن عبد الله الخطيب التبريزي رحمه الله

Complete Mishkat ul Masabeeh in Arabic with Urdu translation in 3 hardbound volumes on high quality paper & printing. Ahadith collected by Muḥammad ibn Abdullāh Alkhateeb Altabreezi (died 741 AH/1340CE) and translated into Urdu by Abu Anas Muhammad Sasorkuhri.

Mishkat al-Masabih (A Niche for Lamps) is a selection of hadith compiled by Imam Khatib at-Tabrieezi. Imam at-Tabrizi expanded on an earlier selection of hadith named Masabih as-Sunnah by Imam al-Baghawi. Mishkat al-Masabih contains approximately 6,000 hadith chosen from the Six Books, Musnad Ahmad, and various others. It is a comprehensive selection of hadith that covers almost all aspects of Islamic belief, jurisprudence (fiqh), and virtues.

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