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Urdu: Sunan Abu Dawood (4 Vol. Set)

Code   U55
ISBN     9789960971476 (9960971473)
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Urdu: Sunan Abu Dawood (4 Vol. Set)

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Author Imam Abu Dawood Sulaiman Bin Ash-ath Sajistani
Translator Abu Ammaar Omar Farooq Saeedi
Binding Hardback
Size in Inches 7x10
Size in CM 17x24
Edition First
Weight (lbs) 13.5

This book of hadith is one from the group of six renowned books of hadith known as Siha Sittah. Rest of the books are Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Nisaa'ee, Tirmazi and Ibn Maajah. Ahadith from this book have been used by all four School of thoughts.

As against Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, this book contains some weak ahadith which are stated as such by Imam Abu Dawood himself or by other researchers. Translator of the book has mentioned under every such hadith the reason of weakness for the benefit of the readers.

ISBN: 9960-9714-7-3 / 9960-9803-4-0 (9960980340)

Each volume has around 875 pages.

Hadith set
rating 10
Ma Sha Allah very good.


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