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Tayammum Pad with Dust for Dry Ablution

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Tayammum Pad with Dust for Dry Ablution

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Size in Inches 12x10x1
Size in CM 30x26x2.5
Format Box
Weight (lbs) 1.00

This unique new product by Darussalam is an attempt to ease the problem of access to clean dirt when one can't perform full wudu. This 12x10" box contains 1" soft pad filled with dust to be used when water is not available or when one is sick. It is ideal to take it with you on your journey in your car or on an airplane. You can give it to someone who is sick or in the hospital and unable to perform wudu with water.

NOTE: The price has been reduced as we received complains that there was not enough dust inside. We can include extra dust/sand in a ziplock which you can use to refill yourself when needed.

By providing different rulings for different situations, Islamic Law ensures that its injunctions are easy to carry out under all circumstances. Prayer is one of the most important pillars of Islam, and purification is one of the conditions for its validity. There are times when a person has to pray, but on account of illness or travel, will not be able to use water to perform the prescribed ablution. For this situation, Islam has prescribed dry ablution, where pure earth is used instead of water.

Tayammum - Dry Ablution should be performed when two conditions are met:

  1. The time for prayer has arrived and
  2. Water is either unavailable or the person is unable to use it

Method of Performing Dry Ablution:

  1. With fingers spread wide, hit the tayamum pad or ground with the palms of both hands
  2. Wipe the face with the palms of both hands
  3. Wipe the back of each hand up to the wrist
Late shipping
rating 10
Product is good . Shipping time was so delayed . It’s gave me a bad experience. Only for this reason may be I will not order Antalya product if it is urgently needed.
Satisfied Customer
rating 10
Al Hamdu lillah.
Love it!
rating 10
I had ordered 2 Tayammum Pads...one for my parents and one for me and I absolutely love it! Now my 2 sisters want me to get it for them too
Tayammum pad
rating 10
Its is good and have enough dust in it
for dry ablution
rating 8
its very convenient but the size is little too big, to carry it in your bag or purse is difficult , i think it will be better with smaller size.
Bought it for my grandmom
rating 10
My grandmom loves it and it is really helpful for her because she cannot go to bathroom for doing wudu .
Allahuma aameen
rating 10
Great item, prompt delivery
rating 10
Great item, prompt delivery
why it is out of stock
rating 10
My mom needs this . Please keep it always in stock
Customer Review
rating 10
Alhamdullilah, this product has made it possible for me to pray in situations where otherwise I would be unable to. Insha Allah it will be back in stock soon. I find that each box lasts a long time. I purchased several in my last order and still have not run out. I recommend this, especially if you are ill and your Iman is low. This is a simple way to make wudu so you can still show Allah [swt] how much you love him through prayer. I recommend highly.


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