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Prayer Rug for Children (Small)

Code   G16b
ISBN     8697901430153
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Prayer Rug for Children (Small)

Color :

Available Quantity: 40


Subtitle سجادة صلاة للأطفال - حجم صغير
Size in Inches 24x14
Size in CM 61x36
Weight (lbs) 0.35

These small size beautiful prayer rugs are very soft, durable, and come in assorted designs. Excellent for children to pray on and adults to carry in their bag pack to use it in the place of Sajdah (سجادة صلاة) (prostration).

Each color selection comes in a different design and we will send according to current stock. Made in Turkey.

Size comparisons (length without tassels x width):

Small 24x14" / 61x36cm (this item)
Medium: 33x15.5" / 84x40cm
Regular Adult size: 31x54" / 79x137cm

Great product and shop.
rating 10
Please keep it up.
Customer Review
rating 10
Assalamualaikum. I received my blue prayer rug today. It is very pretty and soft. It is good quality and I would recommend this product, however, I would recommend it for a small child. I didn't realize it would be so small. When they say small they mean small. :] I bought it for myself but am going to have to go with a bigger one because this is way to small for me. Overall though it is a good product. :] Thanks


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