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Special Musk (15ml)
  • Special Musk (15ml)

Special Musk (15ml)

Code   G125b
ISBN     6294015110906
Special Musk (15ml)

Special Musk (15ml)

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Size in Inches Box - 2.60x3.60x1.25
Size in CM Box - 6.5x9x3
Weight (lbs) 0.15

Concentrated perfume oils (CPO) or Attar have a deep & complex scent that can be applied directly on the skin or on the clothes leaving behind a charming fragrance that lingers on.

Special Musk 15ml
Top notes – musky, powdery
Middle notes – white floral, woody
Base notes – floral

Manufactured by Hamidi Oud & Perfumes in Dubai UAE.
Ingredients: Perfume Oil, essential oil, aromatic ingredients.
Free from Alcohol.


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