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Pure White Musk (15ml)
  • Pure White Musk (15ml)

Pure White Musk (15ml)

Code   G125a
ISBN     6294015110883
Pure White Musk (15ml)

Pure White Musk (15ml)

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Size in Inches Box - 2.60x3.60x1.25
Size in CM Box - 6.5x9x3
Weight (lbs) 0.15

Concentrated perfume oils give you the feel of Arab culture. With the musky, oriental woody smell, take the feel with you wherever you go!

Pure White Musk 15ml
Top notes – musky, powdery
Middle notes – white floral, woody
Base notes – floral

Manufactured by Hamidi Oud & Perfumes in Dubai UAE.
Ingredients: Perfume Oil, essential oil, aromatic ingredients.
Free from Alcohol.


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