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Alkaline Bottled Water Maker

Code   G41
$79.95 $129.95

Alkaline Bottled Water Maker

$79.95 $129.95

Available Quantity: 3


Size in Inches 8.5x13x6.5
Weight (lbs) 3.08

Fresh 'n Pure - Alkaline Bottled Water Maker

Filter provides clear, clean, odorless water for maximum health benefits and minimal ecological impact while saving you money on expensive bottled water or other purification systems. The filter also makes water alkaline similar to the ZamZam water and is great for your health.

The EPA-registered, activated carbon filter removes chlorine and fine impurities from tap water yet retains the full concentration of fluoride to help protect your family's teeth from decay. Plus, unlike other filtration systems that last just a few weeks, the Fresh 'n Pure system provides at least 10,400-12 oz. bottles of water per filter for one year.

Please note: The Fresh 'n Pure Bottled Water Maker is for use only with cold water from municipal water sources. It should not be used for well or rural water sources.

Replacement filter cartridge will cost only $35 and will be available soon. It will also be good for 1000 gallons of alkaline water.


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