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    Spanish: El Paraiso y el Infierno (Vol. 7)

    Code   S37-7
    ISBN     9789960850115 (9960850110)

    Spanish: El Paraiso y el Infierno (Vol. 7)


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    AuthorUmar Sulaiman al-Ashqar
    TranslatorMuhammad Isa Garcia
    Size in Inches6x9
    Size in CM15x22
    Edition1st 2003
    Weight (lbs)1.06

    This is the Spanish version of 'Paradise and Hell: In the Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah'. See the English version from the Related Items.

    In the end, nothing is more important to the believer than attaining admittance to Paradise and avoiding Hell. This will be the fruit of a person's deeds in this life. These issues, which are matters of the unseen, are major issues of faith.

    In this book, Dr. 'Umar al-Ashqar, has covered all the facts pertaining to these issues. The descriptions of Paradise and Hell and their inhabitants will make every reader more conscious of the ultimate goal in life, and keep him or her busy in remembering these realities.

    Este libro provee al lector descripciones detalladas de los destinos finales del ser humano: el Paraφso y el Infierno.


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