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    Lying is in the Hell-fire

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    ISBN     9789960861692 (9960861694)
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    Lying is in the Hell-fire


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    AuthorDar-us-Salam Research Division
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    This book has been written for our children to explain them what effect lying has on Faith.

    Eeman (Faith) increases and decreases. Therefore, in order for our Faith to increase it is necessary for us to be of those who are truthful. However, the one who lies, then verily his Faith will decrease.

    Thus, Allah is angry with the liar, the Mothers hate him and the fathers do not like him.

    Lying is from the characteristics of the people of the Hell-fire, and the losers in this life and the Hereafter. Lying is degrading and humiliating for the one who practices it and it will carry him to destruction. Lying is the cause of every evil, it is the key to corruption and it brings the anger of the people upon its practitioner.

    We will learn in this book about that which decreases our Faith. Thus, we will learn about the recompense of the liar and the corruptness of lying. This is so that we do not fall into it, that we may be cautious of it, and stay away from its people, and not accompany those who are liars.

    Long ago the Companion, Huthayfah bin Al-Yamaan, used to say, "The people used to ask the Messenger of Allah about the good, and I used to ask him about the evil, due to fear that it would overcome me."

    After reading this book, we come to hate lying, and those who practice lying. Also, every one of us will increase in Faith by adhering to truthfulness in all the affairs of this life, with our parents, our brothers, our neighbors, our friends, and with all of mankind.

    Thus, we must know about the danger of lying and the punishment of the liars so that we maybe of the people of truth, and with those who practice truthfulness.

    Abdul Malik Mujahid
    General Manager, Darussalam

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    Lying is in the hell fire
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