End of the World


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Description of Paradise in the Glorious Qur'an
Description of...
Umar ibn Al-Khattaab (R) (2 Vol. Set)
Umar ibn...
AuthorDr. Muhammad Al-'Areefi
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Edition1st, July 2010
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In recent times things have become very confusing and we have begun to see in bookstores and on websites speculation about future events, based on verses and hadeeths which refer to these future events concerning the signs of the Hour. Every time a calamity befalls Islam and the Muslims, people begin to look for a way out from them. Sometimes you hear about the appearance of the Mahdi, sometimes you hear that the time for the final confrontation between good and evil is close at hand, other times you hear about landslides in the East or in the west, and so forth.

Learn about the Final hour and it signs by reading this book which is backed by proofs from Quran and Hadith.

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Before time
Aimal Khan F. on 08/10/2020Very great
Excellent book
Shazad A. on 07/11/2020This book is relevant to current events. Mashallah a must read.
Customer Review
Customer R. on 07/28/2012 This is good book on the signs of the hour. The book is written in a format that almost anyone who tries to understand it will be able to grasp it. There are some hadith that are weak which Muhammad Al-Areefi used but he did point it out in the footnotes that it was weak.
Customer Review
Customer R. on 10/30/2010 This is a very good book particularly for younger generation who have heard/read a lot about the signs of the hour from the Imams at the mosque, from elders at home, scripts from internet and other sources. What makes this book unique is the support of Quraan and Hadith that validates all the rightful things and dis-credit various myths or misconceptions. There is just small thing that would have made this book even better, places where the author have mentioned Hadiths that are considered doubtful coz of lesser authenticity, they should have been mentioned in different color. I read this book in 4 or 5 days. It was very interesting and eye opening, but in the rush at times I got my thots mixed as to which Hadiths are Daeef [as in Urdu].It took me a second reading to be more clear on this thing.

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