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    The Rational Choice

    Code   R99
    ISBN     9789729290107 (9729290105)

    The Rational Choice


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    AuthorA.S. Alam M.D.
    Size in Inches5.5x8.5
    Size in CM14x21
    Edition3rd, 2010
    Weight (lbs)0.64

    We do not choose the family in which we are born. We are raised in the family of our birth and are given the belief that the religion of our family is the best. We believe it, follow it and die with it, not knowing much about other beliefs. God has perfect knowledge.

    His guidance can only be perfect. So "read in the name of thy Lord who created you". Knowledge is power and helps us to make rational decisions. Choose wisely and do not fail. For, at the end, only the truth will prevail.

    A. S. Alam, M. D


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