A Critical Study of Shirk - An Explanation Kashf al-Shubuhat


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AuthorYasir Qadhi
Size in Inches7x10
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Edition1st (2003)
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Subtitleشرح كشف الشبهات

This work, which is a detailed explanation of one of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab's most important works, deals with explaining and refuting the evidences that were used by certain Muslim groups of his time to justify acts of shirk (the act of associating partners with Allah). It is entitled Kash al-Shubuhat, which literally translates as: 'the clearing of doubts.' Ibn Abd al-Wahhab intended in this work to expose the falsity and spaciousness of these arguments by proving that the pagans whom the Prophet (pbuh) fought utilized the exact same arguments and fell prey to the same reasoning as these modern practitioners of shirk did. It is one of the most advanced works on the subject, and over a dozen different arguments and evidences used to justify shirk are presented and then refuted.

In order to maximize the benefit of this work, introductory sections concerning other aspects of shirk not mentioned by Ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab have been added by the author. To this end, the work discusses the definitions of shirk, the importance of knowing shirk, the difference between shirk and kufr, the types and categories of shirk, the history of shirk, the evils and futility of shirk, the causes of shirk, and other related topics. In addition, a brief biography of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab is included as a preface to the text of this book.

This work is undoubtedly the most comprehensive study in the English language of shirk, and hence an essential book for those who wish to understand this great evil known to man

About the Author:

Yasir Qadhi is a prolific author and Islamic teacher who has written several books about Islam. He is a popular speaker in many Muslim circles in the United States, Canada, England and Australia. His lectures at different locations can be found on YouTube. He is one of the few people who has combined an Islamic seminary training (from Islamic University of Madinah) with Western education (from universities of Houston and Yale).

Qadhi was born in Houston, Texas, to Pakistani parents, in 1975, went to high school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, graduating valedictorian of his class, and completed a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston. After working for Dow Chemical for a short stint, he decided to pursue an education in Islamic studies, and left for the Islamic University of Madinah. There, he completed a second bachelor's degree, specializing in hadith studies, and then went on to complete a M.A. in Theology. Presently, he is in the final stages of completing his Ph.D in Religious Studies from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

He is the Dean of Academic Affairs and an Instructor in the AlMaghrib Institute. He appears on a number of Islamic satellite channels (Islam Channel in England; Al-Huda Channel in Egypt; Al-Fajr Channel in Egypt; and Peace TV in India, U.K and U.S), where he teaches theology, Seerah, Tajweed, and other topics. He gives regular sermons and lectures. He also blogs at MuslimMatters.org, where he is the group-blog's lead specialist.

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