Urdu: Fazail-e-Amal


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Urdu: Engraze awr Wahabi
Urdu: Engraze awr...
AuthorAbu Abdullah Ali Ibn Muhammad Al-Mughrabi
TranslatorHafiz Abdulghaffar Al-Madani
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This is the new Arabic/Urdu edition of the famous book, Fazael-e-A'amal, based on all Sahih and strong Ahadith. There are two conditions of a deed to be accepted by Allah (SWT): It must be for Allah alone and must be according to the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW).

This book is divided into 25 chapters starting from Pure intention to the Fear of Allah including the pillars of Islam and other important topics. The superiority of deeds, places and times when a deed is more rewardable is explained in the book.

Keywords: Fazail-e-Aamal, Fazaely Aamal, Fazaelay Aamal, Fadael Aamal

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