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Urdu: Qisas-ul-Ambiya

Code   U37
ISBN     9789960971438 (9960971430)
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Urdu: Qisas-ul-Ambiya

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Subtitle قصص الأنبياء - أوردو - URDU - Stories of the Prophets
Author Hafiz Ibn Katheer
Translator Mawlana Atta-Allah Sajid
Binding Hardback
Pages 640
Size in Inches 7x10x1.4
Size in CM 18x25x3.70
Format 2-Color Text
Weight (lbs) 2.55

Urdu Book
rating 10
MashaAllah. A Must have. a detailed and thorough book.
A lot from Quran
rating 9
Like it that all the relevant aayat of each prophet are Put together with some commentary of Ibn Katheer.
Customer Review
rating 10
May Allah SWT gave tremendous reward for translating this masterpiece since I was always looking for Qasas Al Ambiyaa authentic one. For better understanding of Quran one must have it.
Customer Review
rating 10
A book full of information and full of Hadith. Every Muslim must read this book to keep himself on Serat-Mustaqeem.
Customer Review
rating 10
Excellent book. Everyone should read it.


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