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    Part 1 - Alif Lam Meem (13-Line No. 109)

    Code   QP31a
    ISBN     9789695743003 (9695743005)

    Part 1 - Alif Lam Meem (13-Line No. 109)


    Available Quantity: 159


    Size in Inches6.8x9.5
    Size in CM17x24
    Format2 Color
    Weight (lbs)0.20

    Part/Juz #1 for the 13-line Indo-Pak/Persian script Quran from Darussalam. It has bold font and 2 color printing. Part 1 is being sold individually for beginners. Individual parts are excellent for children as they are easy to carry instead of a heavy copy of the mushaf. It is also easy to read from since it has 13-lines per page making the font bigger.


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