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Arabic: Majmuah Zahabiyah (10 Book Set)




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Publisher: Dar-us-Salam Arabic

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This package contains 10 full color Arabic booklets for children and adults. They cover a wide range of interesting topics including Quran/Tafseer, Tajweed, Hadith study, supplications, how to pray, stories of Prophets and even learning the Arabic alphabets.

Titles for the books:

  1. Rubu Yaseen (Surah Yaseen #36 to the End of the Qur'an) with Tafseer
  2. 30th Juz - Tafseer Jalalain
  3. Book on Seerah of the Prophet (S)
  4. Book of Wudu & Salah
  5. Book of Supplications
  6. Story of the Camel
  7. Story of people of the Ditch
  8. Book of Haroof
  9. Book of Tajweed
  10. Book of Hadith

Note: This package contains 1 cartridge which works with the Teacher Advanced unit which we don't stock any more and as such we have reduced the price for this very useful 10 book set.

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