The Fundamentals of Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism)


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AuthorAbu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Size in Inches6x8.7
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Edition2nd (2006)
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Tawheed, the belief in the Oneness of Allah, is the core of the Islamic faith. Humans, as the designated vicegerents of Allah on earth, have been ordered to put this belief into practice in every aspect of life. Without Tawheed, our actions and worship would be rendered null and void. This is an awful truth, but one that we must realize so that we can correct the basis of what we think, say, and do, in order to receive the hoped-for rewards and to avoid a terrible punishment. Dr. Philips gives us the information necessary to recognize the practices that go against Tawheed so that we may change any mistaken patterns of thought or behaviour and approach Allah in the way that He loves and wants from us.

Reviews of This Book

A must-read for anyone wishing to properly understand the religion of Islam, Fundamentals of Tawheed clarifies in detail what Islam means when it says “One God!” By identifying and explaining examples of the violation of the oneness of God within the cultures and beliefs of many cultures, the author proves Islam to be the only truly, purely monotheistic religion. (Hediyah Al-Amin, Columnist, The Peninsula, Doha, Qatar)

This is the first book written in English (not translated) on the essence of Islam, according to the classical understanding. A must-read for a clear conceptualization of Islam’s most central pillar. (Amjad Khan, Production Editor, The Weekly Gulf Times, Doha, Qatar)

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Must Have Study Guide
Nicole H. on 12/12/2020Al Hamdu lillah, I am thankful to have this book, It is certainly written to address a wide ranging audience. Insha' Allah, new and seasoned muslims alike may benefit from reading this study guide. I am reading it for the second time since my purchase. May Allah reward the brother Philips and all involved in it publication.
Great work
Olayemi O. on 05/31/2020May Allah bless Bilal Phillips for his amazing work on this book.
Boys Halaqa
husam s. on 12/31/2016I used this book for an online class at Islamic Online University and thought it was great. As a result, I'm teaching it in a boys halaqa, which is ideal, because it's a great book and adequately covers the topic of tawheed.

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