Faith in Predestination (Qada wa Qadar)


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Belief in predestination (Qada wa Qadar) is an undisputed article of faith in Islam. For some people, this belief leads to contentment and satisfaction, even in the face of hardship and adversity. But for others, it provides justification for their wrongdoing: how often do we hear people arguing that they should not be blamed for their disobedience since it has already be decreed by Allah that they will sin?

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Customer Review
Customer R. on 07/02/2012This is a unique short book that is a compilation of two articles that were published elsewhere brought together here answer the question of Predestination, Qada Wa Qadar [Decree and Pre-Destination] by Allah SWT. The first article brings to light the verses in the Quran and Hadises of Prophet SWS that place the importance of understanding the Free Will each of us has in comparison to the Decree of Allah. Allah SWT will make the path easy for us if we seek it out, at the same time there are limitation placed upon us as to how much we can seek out. The argument is summed up by stating that: He [Allah] has created the cause which generates the result. The capacity given to us allows us to act to generate the cause and we attain the result, which in turn is also a creation of Allah. Thus cause and result are blessing of Allah SWT. The second article completes/compliments this thought process after laying down some rules… Free will is what allows one to receive the reward of good or bad. If everything was Predestined there would be no need to earn reward and no need for punishment, as either act was not of our choosing! Thus this article brings to light Allah SWT has “prior knowledge of everything that may take place, [Allah knows what we are going to choose in any situation and He knows the results of our choosing], thus man's free will is a manifestation of Allah's absolute will.” Allah's Will is all-embracing, thus true faith can come from understanding that…. A good quick read, to contemplate on the verses of the Quran. This book should lead one further to indulge in a further in depth search in one's self, in Quranic verses, in hadises, and in other works to understand the true manifestation of faith so it, Insha Allah, enters our hearts.

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