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Friday, 13 May 2011 - 10 Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1432

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For 2 1/2 weeks only, we are offering standard shipping FREE of charge for any US order over $50! No need to enter any coupon code, just select Free Shipping Special during checkout. Offer may not be combined with any additional discount. Your order will be shipped by a method of our choosing... probably USPS Media Mail (3-10 days) or UPS Ground (1-4 days). Insurance is not included. We reserve the right to exclude some items from this offer.

International orders: In lieu of free shipping for US customers, we are offering our international customers 10% discount on any purchase over $50! To redeem, enter coupon code INTL10PERCENT (not applicable to US customers).

Hurry, offers expire May 31, 2011. New & Featured 

Auto Prayer Compass & Islamic Clock with 1500 Cities (AQ-1288)

Pocket size prayer compass and auto Islamic Azan clock. Find the Qibla quickly and easily with this auto digital compass. Built in sensor automatically detects north and the Qibla direction for the city you have selected during setup. Digital numbers adjust as you rotate the device to give you the accurate direction.
E52) Price: $44.95

Talking Full Azan Auto Islamic Watch
- Stainless steel watch with 400 world cities. Once setup to your city, it will show you all the prayer timings and play the full azan for the prayers. Additionally it has alarm feature and a timer function.
E53) Price: $44.95

Urdu: Lineage of the Prophets and Messengers (Poster)
- Beautiful Urdu language poster explaining the lineage of the Prophets & Messengers who have been mentioned in the Quran & Sunnah. Poster size: 17x22" .
G111) Price: $5.95

Also available in English - Code G110.

Door of the Kabah (Poster)
- Beautiful poster with the picture of the door of the Holy Kaba with all its calligraphy and fine details. Poster size: ~12x22".
G112) Price: $4.95

A Light at The End of The Tunnel
- The Stories of Muslim Teens
This book features a collection of short stories written by Muslim teens. Through their stories they share the struggles and experiences they have faced on issues such as dating, friendship, hijab, respecting parents, clarifying misconceptions about Islam and defining one's identity.
RM01) Price: $12.95

Muslim Teens - A Practical Parenting Guide
- Today's Worry, Tomorrow's Hope - This book is a positive proof that even in this day and age, it is possible to raise Muslim teens who despite being today's concern are yet tomorrow's hope. This book is a must for parents and teenagers alike. This book makes for compelling reading because it is intelligible, practical and not just esoteric or theoretical.
RM02) Price: $13.95

Parenting Skills
- Based on The Qur'an and Sunnah - The Beshirs, a wife/husband team, who co-authored two best-selling books on parenting have conducted very successful workshops on parenting skills for Muslim families in North America and overseas. In this book they present the workable skills that parents participating in these workshops have found most rewarding.
RM05) Price: $9.95

Blissful Marriage: A Practical Islamic Guide
- This book provides the tools to achieve blissful marriage in a pragmatic and graceful way. It contains the right mix of theory and practice due to the authors' wealth of experience in marriage counseling in North America. All its contents are based on Islamic references from Qur'an and Sunnah and their applications to the contemporary environment.
RM03) Price: $15.95

Struggling to Surrender
- Some Impressions of an American Convert to Islam -
This book is a very personal account of one man's search for God and meaning in the midst of a culture that places no value on such a quest. Dr. Lang was brought up as a Catholic and educated in a Catholic school. However, one day he found that his religious beliefs could no longer provide satisfactory answers to his questions. And so his quest began...
RM04) Price: $14.95

Answers to FAQs on Parenting
- This book is the first and second in a series that contains detailed answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the hot topic of parenting in North America. Because some of these questions have been raised more than once in recent years, we feel that they represent crucial issues of concern occupying the minds of many parents. Making these answers available in a written format will hopefully provide Muslim parents with the proper advice supported by the Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW).
RM06) Price: $12.95

Allah Knows - Zain Bhikha (CD)
A CD for the young (and the young at heart). 'Allah Knows' features the musical talents of Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Rashid Bhikha, in addition to introducing Naadira Alli and the young Muhammad Bhikha who makes his first recording debut on this album.
MN04) Price: $14.95 - On Sale: $11.95

A Way of Life: Zain Bhikha (CD)
- Zain's 2010 release is an album especially dedicated to his most loyal fans- Children of the World.

MN08) Price: $14.95 - On Sale: $11.95
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Faith: Zain Bhikha (CD)

MN09) Price: $14.95 - On Sale: $11.95

German: Quran Tajweed with Translation

LA09) Price: $39.95

Malaysian: Mushaf Tajwid with Translation

LA10) Price: $39.95

Chinese: Mushaf Tajweed with Translation

LC02) Price: $39.95

Farsi: Mushaf Tajweed with Translation

LR05) Price: $39.95

Russian: Mushaf Tajweed with Translation

LU03) Price: $39.95

The Description of Prayer and Purification (CD)

MC92) Price: $5.95

Selected Surahs by Sheikh Ali Abdullah Alee Jaber (CD)

MH94) Price: $5.95

Different Recitors From Al-Haram Al-Makky (MP3 CD)

MC93) Price: $9.95

Urdu: Mushaf Tajweed with Translation & Tafsir

UR11) Price: $43.95

Mushaf Madinah Persian Script

Q66) Price: $19.95

Tajweed Quran with Parts 29 & 30

Q58c) Price: $5.95

Most Beautiful Mihrab - The Great Mosque of Cordoba

C80) Price: $7.95

Urdu: Tareekh ibn Kathir - Al-Badayah wan-Nahayah (16 Vol. in 9 Books)
- History by Ibn Kathir
U08) Price: $149.00

Urdu: Namaz-e-Nabwi (New Edition)
- This book describes the prayer of the Prophet (S) in light to the Sahih hadith in a clear and concise manner. This new revised edition contains 75 more pages than the previous book which is also available.
U16b) Price: $11.95

Urdu: Tafheem-ul-Qur'an (6 Mp3 CDs)
- Complete Tafsir of the Quran with its recitation and translation in Urdu. Includes commentary and introduction of each Surah. Tafhim-ul-Qur'an is the monumental scholarly work done by by Abul A'la Maududi with easy to understand Tafsir. Quran recited by Abdul-Rahman Al-Hudaify.
UM05) Price: $39.95

Crystal Glass Decoration with 4 Quls * On Sale!

G15b) Price: $9.95
On Sale: $6.95

Urdu: Sahih Al-Bukhari (8 Vol. Set)

U64) Price: $149.00

Urdu: Tafheem-us-Sunnah

U22) Price: $6.95

Chitrali Cap (Afghan cap)

G34a) Price: $11.95

Kalemah Masha'-Allah Tabarak Allah on Velveteen Cloth

G02r) Price: $14.95

Stories of the Prophets

075) Price: $19.95 Add to Cart

Islamic Behaviour Chart (2 Charts, 132 Stickers)

CR21c) Price: $6.95

Arabic Alphabet Foam Puzzle Mats
- Available in Large, Medium & Small sizes
CR18) Price: $8.95

Surah Al-Fatiha on Velveteen Cloth

G02n) Price: $14.95


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