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30 Separate Parts Indo-Pak Script 9 Line (HB 100A)

Code   QP21a
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30 Separate Parts Indo-Pak Script 9 Line (HB 100A)

Available Quantity: 157


Binding Hardback
Pages 1920
Size in Inches 7x10x9
Size in CM 17x24
Weight (lbs) 16.45

This is the complete Quran in 30 individual Juz with 9-line Indo-Pak Script Arabic writing with large bold font. Each hardback juz/para has 64 pages in each book (individually bound). It is excellent for children and those who may have weak eyesight. New edition has semi-glossy pages with light green background as shown.

This is the hardback version which is bulkier and takes up more space but is more durable and better for kids to handle. Paperback version is available in Code #QP21b.

Note: The hardback color may be different than as pictured depending on current stock.

Love it!
rating 10
I love the big font and glossy green pages of my Qur'an. Love that it's hard cover making it more durable. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
Great Quality!
rating 10
I absolutely love the writing of these Juz. It's big and very easy to read. I highly recommend it.
Very good quality and print! Great for children!
rating 10
Thank you!
rating 8
Hardcover is not fully attach to the paper book.
Great Experience
rating 10
Very satisfied with the purchase!
30 Separates Parts Indo- Pak Script
rating 10
It is excellent for those who have low eye vision. It is easy to read. Beautiful hard cover with big words.
rating 10
I got these for a friend. The paper quality and binding is excellent.
Quran in 30 parts
rating 10
Mashallah very beautiful.
Great purchase!
rating 10
This is a very easy to read Quran for both children and adults. The quality of the pages are in excellent condition and the hard cover of the book makes it easy to hold. Since all the parts are in their separate books, it makes it very convenient for you to read it anywhere. I highly recommend this product.
rating 10
I bought it for my mother in law who has a very week eyesight due to stroke but the text is big enough so she can read it . It is ver good and binding is good too . They shipped it on time also . I just wanna recommended it for all the people and children who want to read large text . Jazak Allah khair for the people who publish it and shipped it . I will definitely buy it again .
rating 10
Perfect for my son. He struggled with small print in other qurans but this is very legible.
Quran set of 30 individual siparah
rating 10
This Quran set is amazing. I can give 100 percent. Hard cover, writing is big and fantastic me and my daughter really like it. Thank you
Great Purchase
rating 10
This is an excellent purchase for anyone looking for a 30 Sipara Indo-Pak Quran Set. I purchased this for both my Nani and my Nieces/Nephew. The large font was excellent for both of them. I recommend. Thank you, Dar-Us-Salam.


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