Dictionary of Islamic Terms (Eng/Arb & Arb/Eng)


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Abridged Biography of Prophet Muhammad (S)
AuthorDeeb Al-Khudrawi
Size in Inches7x9.5x1.5
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Edition5th (2012)
Format2-Color Text
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A word from the author: There are many dictionaries concerning many fields of life, but we do not yet have an explanatory dictionary regarding Islamic terms. So I have tried to fill that gap with this dictionary and hopefully give the readers a sufficient ground towards a better understanding of Islam. In essence, I hope you readers will become enlightened.

As to the contents of this Dictionary; it contains various aspects about Islam, such as Qur'anic words (illustrated by some verses from the Holy Qur'an), the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), worship, marriage, divorce, our heritage, the terms of Fiqh, the permissible and prohibited in Islam, the sources of legislation of Islam and many other important issues.

How to use the Dictionary? This Dictionary can be used by Arabs and non-Arabs alike. The Arabs may use it as any dictionary from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic. As for the non-Arab speaking individuals, they may use it as a book or reference, in that it provides a transliteration for every word in the Qur'an. It will help the reader to read and understand the Qur'an.

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Diana Henry
Luqman A. on 09/13/2018Recipient satisfied with item.
Nafeesah H. on 08/29/2018Excellent read
Dictionary of Islamic Terms
Erick C. on 12/05/2017Enjoy reading it everyday....
Alhumdulila very nice!
simone t. on 03/01/2017

Alhumdulila very nice!



English-Arbic Dictionary
Hafeez U. on 12/01/2016Very imformative book it help too understand meaning of arbic terms and meanings.
Customer Review
Customer R. on 07/12/2010SubhanAllah! I have not seen a dictionary as extraordinarily marvelous as this one, Wallah! bcoz it is arranged in way that is very easy to follow and learn. Plus, this is the simplest way to polish up your vocabulary among fellow Muslims or Arabic speakers and look like a notable intelligent person. It also has narrations to follow up and authenticate the meanings and derivations of the words in reference to the Quran and Sunnah. For a person who is just learning the Arabic language, this is definitely helping me understand beyond my expectations. Example: dayah ila al-Islam - [one who invites people to Islam.] akhlasa lillahi dinahu -to worship Allah faithfully and sincerely abwabu al-jannah - gates of paradise abada l-abidin - forever and ever. This gets interesting Wallah! I love the fact that the words are not one- worded but rather synchronized in a way to make a short but complete meaningful sentence. Alhamdulillah for my money well-spent. shukran DarUsSalam for the great service. May Allah accept our duas Insha-Allah, ameen. aslm alkm wr wb. :-]]

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