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    Complete recitation of the Holy Qur'an with a verse by verse reading of the corresponding meanings. The beautiful recitation is done by Shaykh Mishari Rashid AlAfasy (El-Effassy, Al-Efasy, Efasi, Affasi, Effasi, Effasy, Affasy).The English recitation,

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    Juz Amma Teacher is designed specifically for children using a unique approach that puts them in a fun and interactive environment of reciting Juz Amaa (Part 30 of the Quran). It actually makes them part of the learning process. Each verse is re

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    Regarding the excellence of remembering Allah, He - The Most High - said what means "Therefore remember Me, I will remember you and be grateful to Me and do not reject faith."The Prophet Muhammad (S) said what means, "The comparison of one who

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    El libro de los cuarenta Hadices compilados por el Imam Nawawi es una concisa coleccibn de narrations autenticas del Mensajero de Allah , que menciona los principios mas fundamentales de la Religion del Islam.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items