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Miswak Holder Only - Full Box

Code   G101

Miswak Holder Only - Full Box

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Available Quantity: 49


Size in Inches 9x8x4.25

Full box of Miswak holders for the whole family to use. Miswak holders available in 4 sizes to suit your miswak size or choose a variety pack with mix of all sizes.

New concept to safely and hygienically store your sewak after use. Plastic pen like miswak holder opens to keep your siwak clean from dust and insects. Keep the holder securely in your pocket, desk or bathroom. The holder is made in Pakistan with high-quality lightweight plastic. Holder comes packaged with plastic cover and card backing making it a great gift and for hanging in retail shops for resale.

NOTE: Miswak Holder may come with a shrink-wrapped miswak inside which may not be good. We have it on clearance sale for benefit of the holder. Sewaks can be purchased separately from the related items. You can cut the miswak in length to fit the holder.

Miswak Holder Size Comparisons
Size Holder Dimensions Box Qty Retail Price Holder Usage
A) Large 7.4x0.65" (19x1.6cm) 24 $3.25/each Good for larger miswak sizes up to 0.62" thick and 7.3" long.
B) Medium 6.0x0.52" (15x1.3cm) 36 $2.75/each For average miswak sizes up to 1/2" thick and 6" long.
C) Small 5.7x0.4" (14.5x10cm) 48 $2.50/each For smaller miswak sizes up to 0.38" thick and 5.5" long.
Closely matches standard pen size.
D) Junior 4.7x0.4" (12x10cm) 60 $2.25/each

For smaller miswak sizes up 0.38" thick but only 4.5" long.

Size comparison:


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