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Somali: Qur'aanka Kariimka (Darussalam)

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Somali: Qur'aanka Kariimka (Darussalam)

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Translator C.Xasan Yacquub
Binding Hardback
Pages 930
Size in Inches 6x9x2
Size in CM 15x23x5
Edition 1st : August 2010
Weight (lbs) 2.6

Quran Translation in Somali language with side by side Arabic text followed by Tafsir as footnotes.

Qur'aanka Kariimka - Iyo Tarjamada Macaanidiisa - Soomaaliga / Afsoomaali - اللغة الصومالية
Waxaa Tarjumay: C. Xasan Yacquub

rating 10
long search hard to find product but Allah Akbar they had it


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