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The Beautiful Names of Allah - Knowing God by His Names

Code   R16
ISBN     9780989538602 (989538605)
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The Beautiful Names of Allah - Knowing God by His Names


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Author Kamillah Khan
Binding Hardback
Pages 245
Size in Inches 7x9.8
Size in CM 17x25
Edition 1st (July 2013)
Format Color
Weight (lbs) 1.96

The knowledge concerning Allah the Almighty is the most exalted of all knowledge. We can know Him and draw closer to Him by knowing His Beautiful Names. These Names describe His Oneness, Existence and Perfection. They describe His living attributes of pure perfection. Sister Kamillah has written a most beautiful book wherein she describes the 99 names of Allah from the texts of the Quran and the Sunna. She begins by discussing the correct belief in the Names of Allah. She continues by describing how the Names of Allah are vast of which some have been revealed. She describes a methodology through which these 99 names of Allah are identified.

She then describes each name of Allah in detail including its transliteration, translation, meaning, remembrance and reference. She concludes the book by reminding us how we should invoke our Creator by His Names for this is the reason why they were revealed: so that we may know Allah by His beautiful Names. The book contains colorful Arabic calligraphy from calligraphers around the world. The Thuluth style of calligraphy was chosen because of its beauty and artistic design.

Published by: Tawakkul Publications

Knowing Allah By His Names
rating 10
MashaAllah beautiful book with atabic calligrapgy and short explanation of Allahs attributes. However it doesnt go into detail, just surface explanations if thats what youre looking for
The beautiful names of Allah
rating 10
Very good book. Love the praises and information the author has written about Allah.
rating 10
great quality pages and explanation of the names with beautiful calligraphy.
The Beautiful Names of Allah - Knowing God by His
rating 8
rating 10
Comprehensive. Nice to see a female author
rating 10


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