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Urdu: Daolat Mand Sahaba

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Urdu: Daolat Mand Sahaba

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Author Mawlana Abdul Majeed Sohdravi
Pages 88
Size in Inches 5.5x8.5
Size in CM 14x22
Weight (lbs) 0.24

This book was first published in 1947 and thereafter time to time based on its popularity. This book explains the importance of the earning, strengthening ones economy and using the wealth in the cause of Allah (SWT). It is proven through the live of the rich companions and other pious people that riches did not make them unmindful of Allah (SWT); rather they earned closeness to Him through their wealth.

May Allah (SWT) give reward to the author, late Maulana Abdul Majeed Sohdarvi, father of Hafiz Abdul Waheed, director of Dar-us-Salam Houston USA branch. Ameen.

Short & nice
rating 8
Of course a lot from history books like ibn saad etc.


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