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Beginners Arabic Reading
  • Beginners Arabic Reading
  • Beginners Arabic Reading
  • Beginners Arabic Reading
  • Beginners Arabic Reading

Beginners Arabic Reading

Code   QR30
ISBN     9781936569229 (1-936569-22-1)
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Beginners Arabic Reading

Beginners Arabic Reading

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Author Mohammad Arif
Binding Paperback
Pages 36
Size in Inches 8.5x11x0.08
Size in CM 21.5x28x0.3
Edition 4th (2017) , Reprint (2018)
Format Full Color
Weight (lbs) 0.40

When your child is ready to go to kindergarten, introduce him or her to the Qur'ān. The best way to do that is to begin teaching him or her the Arabic alphabet and vowel signs. After learning the alphabet, your child will be able to read, write and pronounce it correctly. 

The Beginners Arabic Reading book is a step-by-step Guide to begin reading the Qur'ān. The book introduces the Arabic alphabets, gradually demonstrating their beginning, middle and end shapes and how these are used in Arabic words. The book covers all the essential vowel marks and shows the students how they are used in a simple to complex Arabic words commonly found in the Qur'an. After finishing the book, a student is expected to be ready to begin reciting the Qur'an. 

The purpose of this book is to introduce children to the time-tested methodologies of learning the Arabic alphabet. As the title of the book indicates, it is a step-by-step guide to start reading the Qur’ān. The materials are presented in a sequential manner to ensure that children learn the necessary tools to read Qur’ānic Arabic in the shortest possible time. The book has 29 lessons. Ideally, a Sunday school should cover each lesson in two Sundays, thus, taking about 58 classes, or two school year to finish the book. A full-time school or homeschooling parents will require much less time to finish the book with their children. 


  • Arabic alphabet in their isolated forms
  • Arabic letters in their joined forms
  • Short vowels: fatha, kasra, and damma
  • Tanween and the letter noon
  • Sukoon
  • Huroor maddah
  • Long vowels – maddah
  • Long vowels – vertical alif
  • Shaddah
  • Selected Qur'anic Words
  • Selected Quranic Verses
  • 99 Names of Allah
  • Selected Islamic phrases
  • And much more

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