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Magnetic Arabic Letters and Numbers (Fridge)

Code   CR16
ISBN     807341444469
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Magnetic Arabic Letters and Numbers (Fridge)

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Binding Foam
Size in Inches 1.5x1.5 Each
Size in CM 3.5x3.5 Each
Format 45 Foam Squares
Weight (lbs) 0.32

Play and learn with these magnetic alphabet letters covered with soft foam material. These colourful magnetic alphabets and numbers help children learn to spell and practice simple math.
Numbers and letters are printed on soft, durable and washable foam squares. This toy will provide your child with hours of enjoyment and learning! Includes all the Arabic alphabet letters and Arabic numbers 1-10 as well as equation symbols (+,=). Attaches well to any metal surface such as the refrigerator.

Magnetic Arabic Letters and Numbers
rating 10
These colorful set of magnetic arabic letters are easy to use. You can arrange these letters in different ways. They help in assisting in learning the similarities and differences of the arabic letters.


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