Garden of Alphabets (Baba Salam)




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Publisher: Dar-us-Salam Kids

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30 Separate Parts (13-Line Sipara Set Paperback) (181b)
30 Separate Parts...
Your Money Matters
Your Money Matters

This unique new device teaches the Arabic/English Alphabets. It is shaped just like a book and flips opens with the text on the right and buttons on the left.

To use just press any alphabet button and it will read out the letter. Press the same button again and it will spell out and read the whole word.
Press the 'Select Language' button to change between Arabic and English.

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Warning: volume is too loud
 on 05/29/2018

Concept is good, BAF. A warning though: the volume is too loud for children to be left unsupervised with this. If they put the speaker close to their ears, they will probably lose some or all of their hearing. A solution is to put a sticker on the speaker so the volume is not too loud.



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