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Arabic: Al-Kutub As-Sittah - Mawsoo at-ul-Hadeeth

Code: A24 - ISBN: 9786035000192
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$159.00 $199.00

Arabic: Al-Kutub As-Sittah - Mawsoo at-ul-Hadeeth

$159.00 $199.00

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ISBN-10 6035000193
ISBN-13 9786035000192
Author Salih bin Abdul Aziz Ale-Sheikh
Binding Hardback
Pages 2754
Size in Inches 9x12.5x3
Weight (lbs) 8.7

موسوعة الحديث – الكتب الستة
6 Famous Books of Hadith

Six books of Hadith in one Volume:

 صحيح البخاري ، صحيح مسلم ، سنن أبي داود ، جامع الترمذي ، سنن ابن ماجه ، سنن النسائي

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l jutub as sittah
rating 10
Good book he have all saying of the prohet In one book
rating 10
I had the opportunity to use the book for a little bit. It's just as the title says, the 6 major hadith books are combined in this one book. Its overall layout very good. In the beginning of each book there is an index.


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