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Urdu: Dawrah-e-Quran (2 Mp3 CDs)

Code   UM07

Urdu: Dawrah-e-Quran (2 Mp3 CDs)

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Author Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Format 2 Mp3 CDs

Dawrah-e-Quran in Urdu by Dr. Farhat Hashmi. Verse by verse Urdu translation with explanation. Recorded in women's Ramadan Class 2010.

2 Mp3 CDs contain 137 audio Mp3 files each covering 1 section of the Qur'an and are on average 1/2 hour long. The files are labeled as to the verses covered.

CD #2 contains bonus recitation of Juz Amma (part 30) and Surah Al-Kahf & Selected Surahs by Sheikh Mishary Rashid El-Efasy.


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