Transgression - Dhulm (3 CDs)


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Publisher: Huda Recording

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AuthorAnas Hlayhel
Format3 Audio CDs
Length (min)~65 each

Transgression (Dhulm) - Study of Selected ahaadith from Riyaad-us-Saleheen

Who doesn't know the classical work of the. great imam Al-N awawi - "Riyaad-us-Saleheen". This great work has been explained 69 many scholars of the past and present. One such explanation is of the noble imam of our time Sheikh Saleh Ibn Uthaymeen (Rahimahullaah).

In this 3 CD set, brother Anas discusses the ahaadith mentioned in the chapter of Dhulm. It is an eye-opening discussion for our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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