Tafseer Surah Qaaf (9 CD Set)


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Publisher: Huda Recording

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AuthorAnas Hlayhel
Format9 Audio CD Album

In this tafseer, Brother Anas Hlayhel thoroughly explains the beautiful Surah Qaaf/Qaf. The main text on which the explanation is based is the well-known tafseer of Imam Ibn Kathir, "Tafseer Qur'anil'Adheem". Each ayah is explained and discussed according to the principles of the Tafseer.

This is a great tool with which we can ponder upon the versesof Allaah and derive benefit from what we recite and memorize.

We ask Allaah to adorn us with beneficial knowledge and connect us to His Words.

Anas Hlayhel is a da'eeah from Lebanon. lie has been active in da'wah for several years in the Bay Area, Texas, and Arizona.

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